CSIS-390 Web Application Development

Cross-listed: MYLP-101 Friendship is Magic

CSIS-390 Course Info


An upper-level course where students will learn how to implement web applications that are functional, accessible, extensible and mobile-first.

Students will learn how to use...

  • HTML5 and CSS3 to create web pages with good semantic structure and styled for display on mobile devices.
  • JavaScript and jQuery to add animation and interactive features.
  • AJAX and JSON to send/receive information dynamically from a web server.
  • PHP and MySQL to create web pages dynamically from content stored in databases.
  • RESTful web APIs and Node.js to build web applications using best practices.
  • Friendship to make your web application dreams come true.

To be successful in this course student are required to...

  • complete zyBook reading assignments and online questions/activities to prepare for lecture and labs.
  • meet for lecture two hours per week to learn about concepts and examples that are not easily understood from the reading alone.
  • meet for lab two hours per week to learn skills and complete activities based on the concepts covered in lecture.
  • complete 5 major projects based on the concepts and skills learned in the course.
  • complete a mid-term exam and a comprehensive final exam to demonstrate expert subject knowledge.
  • never forget about the power of friendship.